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About This Resource

This session was part of the 2022-2023 Plan for Growth 101 CE Series

An evidence-based value proposition is a prerequisite for several components of a good growth plan, including market sizing and product/service pricing. As a participant, you will learn about the importance of customer segmentation and the 3 different categories of value proposition. You will even have a chance to draft your own value proposition for a core customer group. Together, we will then identify the most important customer assumptions to test, which is a foundation for the later courses on promotions, sales channels, and pricing.

How We’ll Spend Our Time:

The session will be presented in two parts

  1. We will cover the value of customer segmentation and the three types of value propositions.
  2. You will write your own value proposition using the Value Proposition Canvas to identify customer pains and gains.

Audience: This session is designed for CEOs Executive Directors, and/or Enterprise Directors and Managers with at least partial responsibility for business decisions. 

Below is the session recording and accompanying materials