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Manage an ESE

Check out these resources that can help you manage the day-to-day work of running a successful ESE.

Welcome to the dynamic world of managing an Employment Social Enterprise (ESE), where each day presents intricate challenges and exciting opportunities. This phase of the journey requires a skillful approach to navigate through the complexities of day-to-day operations, scaling resources, and preserving the heart of your social mission.

Effective management is the linchpin that holds it all together. It means aligning your workforce, refining your processes, and optimizing your systems to meet the ever-evolving demands of running an ESE, all while ensuring that your organization’s unique social impact goals remain at the forefront of your operations.

As you steer your ESE towards success, adapting your strategies for leadership, communication, and stakeholder engagement is vital. These are the tools that will assist your ESE’s social impact while facilitating sustainable growth. It’s about leading with purpose, communicating your mission effectively, and engaging with stakeholders who share your commitment to making a difference.

Managing an ESE is a balancing act—a dance between the world of business and the realm of social impact. It’s a journey that demands resilience, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to your mission. But it’s also a journey that’s incredibly rewarding, as you witness the positive change your ESE brings to individuals and communities.

So, welcome to the world of managing an Employment Social Enterprise, where every challenge is an opportunity, and where your leadership will shape the future of your organization and the lives it touches. Together, we can continue to build a world where social good and sustainable growth go hand in hand. Get ready to lead, inspire, and make a lasting impact.

Resources For Your Journey

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4 minutes | Financial Management | Manage a Social Enterprise

Cash Management Overview

Cash management is the process of collecting, handling, and using cash. Additionally, it involves assessing liquidity, cash flow and investments.
13 minutes | Business Planning | Manage a Social Enterprise

Business Plan Overview

A business plan describes a business’s overarching objectives and describes a plan for how it will achieve those objectives. 
9 minutes | Business Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Sales Channel Overview

Sales channels are the methods a business uses to sell products or services to customers.
8 minutes | Operations | Grow a Social Enterprise

Operations Improvement Playbook

This resource tailors its advice and guidance to early-stage ESEs, is designed with a “newly-onboarded COO of an ESE” in mind, and incorporates an organizational change management lens on operations improvement
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