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14 minutes | Raising Capital & Fundraising | Grow a Social Enterprise

Annual Giving Overview

The strategic purpose of annual giving is to activate generosity through compelling content. Annual giving is probably the most common strategy in fundraising.

19 minutes | Business Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Selling Process Overview

Selling process refers to a series of steps taken to sell a product or service to a customer. A strong sales process is repeatable and scalable, leverages standardized tools and templates, outlines clear roles and responsibilities for sales team members, and is data driven.

11 minutes | Business Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Pricing Strategy Overview

Pricing strategy is how a business determines the ideal price of a product or service, informed by a range of factors such as business costs, competition, and customer value.

11 minutes | Leadership & Talent | Grow a Social Enterprise

I Loved My Job – But Considered Leaving, More than Once

During my annual evaluations with my Board, I began giving transition signals, saying that I saw myself remaining in my CEO role for “no longer than five years.” Then it became “two to five years” …and then “about two years.”  Until one day, I said to my Board Chair and Vice-Chair, “I would like to leave in a year.”

10 minutes | Growth Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Growth & Product Expansion Decision Process Overview

Growth planning is the process followed by organizations to determine IF & HOW to pursue a new growth opportunity such as starting a new business line, launching a new product, opening a new sales channel, or expanding geographically to a new location.  

41 minutes | Business Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Employment Social Enterprise Glossary

This is a helpful resource for those seeking to better understand the terminology and concepts related to Employment Social Enterprises (ESEs) and the broader field of social entrepreneurship.

12 minutes | Business Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Cost Analysis Overview – Fixed and Variable Costs 

Fixed and variable costs refer to the categorization of business expenses depending on whether they are affected by changes in product/service quantity sold, or whether they remain constant regardless of quantity sold.

9 minutes | Business Planning | Grow a Social Enterprise

Sales Channel Overview

Sales channels are the methods a business uses to sell products or services to customers.